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1.5 months | Female

Hello, my name is Minnie minus the mouse. My mom was run over by a car when I was a baby and I am looking for my family to call mine. I’ll make your home a happy space and add heaps of love and joy to your lives. Do you want me to a be a part of your family?

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2.5 months | Female

Hello, I am Cindy. I once fell from the first floor of a building and guess what I didn’t break any bones. It felt like a miracle and now I am praying for another one. To meet you, my lovely family. Want to grant me my miracle?

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1 Year | Male

Hello, I am Gulati. I have had a victorious journey of healing from an accident. I can walk, run, jump and play like all the other puppers I have lived with. I am a bundle of positivity and I would love to spread some of that in your home. So how about taking me home with you?

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1.5 months | Female

Hello, my name is Pepper and I happen to be looking for my partner in crime, for my salt if you must. I know I am quite funny right? Well if you want to add fun and humour to your life, look no further because Pepper is here. I'll sprinkle your life with fun, frolic and all things nice. So what are you waiting for?

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1.5 months | Male

Hello, my name is Button and I am looking for my forever home. I like to watch people, play with them and throw shady looks at all things tiny and small. I think you and I would make the purrrfect best-friend couple. So what are you waiting for? This button commands you to press the button below!

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1.5 months | Male

Hello, my name is Floof and I am the tiny floofball that wants to spend the rest of his life with you. So what are you waiting for, baby just say yes.

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Why go Vocal For Local Pets?

Hey! We are all Indian pups looking for a home and isn’t this the best time to stand in solidarity? Don’t get us wrong..we love all’s just that sometimes we tend to be overlooked which is why it is so important for you to go Vocal For Local Pets… We promise...we love & care just as hard.

About us

World For All is a registered organization founded in 2009 with a focus on stray animal adoptions.

Since there are no facilities or services in place for non-sick street animals (sterilized or otherwise) to protect or provide for them, WFA works towards homing / rehabilitating these street animals.

The vision is to inspire co-existence between stray animals and people, by finding loving homes for the helpless ones and creating compassion, tolerance and humanity for those on the streets.

0+Cats Povided Shelter


You show interest (you know cause who can stay away from the fabulousness)
Interview With potential families is set up (cause rishta pakka karne k liye dono side se haa honi chaiye)
Meeting is set(the wind blows as we meet for the first time. Cue in some music too cause why not!)
House check(Ghar dekhe bina rishte ko haa kaise bolde)
Follow Up(haal chaal puchne rishtedaar toh beech mai aayenge hi naa)

How to help?

A good deed from you can help make their lives easier.

Try to feed them regularly
Keep a bowl of water out for them
Treat them well.
If you see an injured animal, call an NGO/shelter.
Try to find it a shelter

Contact us